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Human Overpopulation causes: The melting of the Siberian permafrost, thus the release of Methane gas.

International Artistic & Environmental Slideshow


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Stay Cool ... STHOPD the World

Run this continuous slideshow Full Screen (F11) in your Internet Browser, then:
  • Turn your monitor towards the window of your room, and overwhelm the world with this Message:
    Stop destroying Nature caused by Human OverPopulation !
  • In the Computer Lab of your School or University, on all screens: switch on this slideshow and use the dazzling effects as screensaver.
  • During HouseParties or in the Discotheque: project the psychedelic pictures on the wall or ceiling as a graffiti-gram.
  • In Conference halls, Meeting places or cinema: hijack the beamer / projector and connect it through the Internet to this presentation. Grab your Video Canon and Save the World !
  • In Musea, Zoological gardens or Nature expositions: educate your audience about the real cause of biological Mass Extinction: exponential increase of the human species.
  • Secretly turn the CableNews of your organization to
  • Hijack digital Advertizing Boards in busy shoppingmalls and redirect them towards this Wisart slideshow with the message: Please Save Nature.
  • Pinch the data connection line of electronic graphical Presentation Pillars in cities or along highways and show the world the real cause of traffic jams: extreme population density.
  • In Computer and Television shops: run this show on all monitors within the building, or in the commercial shop windows besides busy streets.
  • During Protest Marches concerning, for example, Environmental Activism or Anti-Globalization: show people along the road what the real the problem is: Human OverPopulation!

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Where do concerned visitors of WisArt website originate from? From all over the world: below, you can see the flags of their countries.
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This page has started with counting flags from 8 November 2015 onwards.
In some countries, many people visit the WisArt slideshow because of the texts and images about human overpopulation and environmental pollution (air, land and sea). Visitors are also worried about saving nature against eradication through cultivation of land. The more people on earth, the more nature has to make way for buildings, road construction, agriculture and industrialization. These visits are a sign that these persons are very concerned about the negative effects of human overpopulation on our planet and on biodiversity of flora and fauna. Apparently, these problems already prevail in some countries. Other countries will follow sooner or later ...

We invite you to find ethical solutions against the destructive effects of human overpopulation on nature. Please send your advice (possibly in the form of a slogan) to email address: feedback @ Wisart .net (anti-spam notation).

Other Projects

International Projects on Nature Protection & Environmental Activism

Protesting against Human OverPopulation: the Final Taboo.

NB: this website is banned by China !

For better worldwide communication, we use international English.

Human Population

Top Ten Countries with largest amount of inhabitants in 2006 (in millions):
1.China: 1,311    2.India: 1,122    3.USA: 300    4.Indonesia: 225    5.Brasil: 187    6.Pakistan: 166    7.Bangladesh: 147    8.Russia: 142    9.Nigeria: 135    10.Japan: 128 million people.    Where can nature still survive?
Please leave Nature a place to live.

WiseArt Cybernetics

Random Reality Generator SlideShow is an initiative of WiseArt Cybernetics weblog.
WisArt is affiliated with STHOPD and CPER to prevent the destruction of Nature and preserve BioDiversity.
You can send the images, animations and special effects shown in this slideshow to others via political e-cards at
Our apologies for the translation. Please send suggestions for improvement to translation[at] .
Help to stop environmental abuse and to reduce increasing animal suffering.
Please send touching photo's or catching slogans to: feedback[at] .
Please Save Nature


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Politically independent, international artistic real-time multimedia presentation on stopping mass extinction of Flora and Fauna

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Content of OneLiners randomly shown during the Internet SlideShow, above or under the images
Slogan Titles ©No.Typewriter texts ©
Human Overpopulation causes: Waste buildup on land and in the sea1Please comply with Endangered Species Act
STHOPD: Stop Terrible Human OverPopulation Disasters2Behold BioDiversity's Beauty
Human Population Explosion causes: Religious extremism and terroristic warfare3Humans form the Brain of the Immanent God
Human Population Growth causes: Increase in traffic-related airpollution4Fly like an Eagle
Fast-growing Jakarta (Indonesia) is so overcrowded with people and buildings that they drown in rainy floodwaters5Protect the pure Permafrost
Human Population Growth causes: Toxic air pollution from a great many factories in expanding China6Promote Forest Stewardship Council
Human Overpopulation will lead us to the next World War7Grow like a Giraffe
Human Overpopulation makes people either indifferent or aggressive to each other8Humm like a Hummingbird
Human Population Growth leads to: people discriminating and threatening each other9Buzz like a Bumblebee
Human overpopulation has led to mass famine in the Sahel and elsewhere in Africa10Please be sparing with energy
Human Overpopulation leads to: Increasing fuel consumption, thus exploding energy prices11Let ecosystems grow into the future
Human Population Growth leads to: Widening gap between the haves and the have-nots12Is Nature future-proof?
Billions of toilet paper rolls causes millions of jungle trees to be chopped down13We love Nature
Do not let politicians fool you: human overpopulation is a serious threat to the world14Where can pure Wild Life survive?
Human Population Explosion leads to anonymous masses of egocentric unscrupulous people15Please Save Nature
Human Overpopulation causes: Ecological destabilization on land and in the sea16Make some noise against Human OverPopulation
Human Overpopulation causes: Larger hole in the ozone layer and thus Skin Cancer17REHOPE the Future
Stop the trafficking of rare animal species over the Internet18Time keeps on slipping into an unsure Future
CPER: Cosmic Progressive Evolution of Reality19We love protecting Nature
Human Population Explosion causes: Many traffic jams and stressed commuters20Worry about the Wetlands
Malaysia killed her last wild Rhinoceros in 200521Defend the amazing Amazon Delta
China murdered 50,000 dogs because a few people died of Rabies 22Whistle like a Whale
Because all space is consumed by buildings and roads, villagers only have dear memories of their place of birth left over23It's the End of the World as we know it
Human Population Explosion causes: Intensive bio-industry, thus needless misery of livestock24Stay cool . . . STHOPD the World!
Increase in hurried traffic causes more lamentable roadkill in rural areas25Stop Global Warming
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Slogan Titles ©No.Typewriter texts ©
Human Population Growth causes: Destruction of Jungle, especially in Brasil and Indonesia26Please prevent that e-waste poisons nature
Because of human population explosion you will hardly recognize the place you were born27Environmental Activism for Nature
'Cherishing the future' means 'Regulating the future'28Nature says: Thank you very much!
Human Population Growth causes: Fuel resource depletion or burn up of rare firewood29e = mc^2 and Life = NegEntropy
Nature is part of you / you are part of nature30Nature needs your Love
The consequence of human overpopulation is: Severe Pollution of rivers and seas31Save the sunny Savanna
Stop the cruel slaughter of seals, skinned alive for their fur, on the Atlantic coast in Canada32Do-gooder: help Nature survive
The Australian Great Barrier Reef will degrade rapidly because of Global Warming of the sea33Freedom = having no children
Global warming is also the result of many villages becoming large, heat-losing cities of concrete and tarmac34Swim like a Dolphin
Human Overpopulation leads to: Booming land prices and towering house prices35Root Nature into the Future
Too many people -> too much industry -> excess CO2 emissions -> global warming36Crying Nature, Dying Nature
Human Population Explosion causes: Ruthless work competition and increasing unemployment37Evolution: the true vision on life
WisArt: Wise Art Cybernetics38I am proud to help Nature
Some Spaniards ill-treat animals cowardly, especially dogs39Fight like a Tiger
Too much emigration of refugees leads to overcrowding in other countries40Copyright RGES
2010: International Year of Biodiversity. UN says plant and animal species disappear because of urban expansion and agricultural41Respect Nature, the Immanent God
Pitiful curfew for cats and dogs in Germany because of possible outbreak of Avian Influenza42Join our Team: Spread the Message
Human Overpopulation: the worst future nightmare43Improve the World: save Nature
The Club of Rome reports: the Limits to Growth44Encourage Human Population Control
Human Population Explosion causes: Clean Drinking-water to become scarce45Random Reality Generator
Human Population Explosion causes: Deforestation, thus diminishing animal habitats46Rain Forests are the Lungs of Mother Earth
USA: over 300 million inhabitants. This population explosion will become ungovernable. America lacks self-control!47Tell everyone the truth before it's too late
Sea Life is slowly drowning in an ocean of plastic garbage48Monitor the mighty Mountains
Human Population Growth leads to: Malnutrition, hunger and starvation in Third World countries49Keepers of the Earth, please save nature
Human Overpopulation causes: Abundant CO2 and Methane emission and thus Global Warming50Nature is part of YOU are part of nature
Start the Slideshow to view these Slogans together with the Images and Animations. Therefore, go to Top of page.
Slogan Titles ©No.Typewriter texts ©
Consequences of enormous human population increase are: Intolerance and xenophobia51Howl like a happy Hyena
The heavenly Tigris-Euphrates Valley (biblical Garden of Eden) was slowly destroyed through human overpopulation52Imagine a Natural Paradise
In Alaska, Polar Bears are becoming extinct because of Global Warming53Reveal the Truth about dying Nature
Human Narcissism rules the modern world and destroys nature54An Inconvenient Truth
Human overpopulation causes loss of arable land that has led to political instability, wars and mass
Human Overpopulation destroys delicate Animal Habitats56Entoptic Ecstasy = Brain Art
Certain provinces of Spain maltreat their dogs in an awful way57Leave Nature a Place on Earth
Human Overpopulation causes: Worldwide destruction of delicate Eco-habitats58Harsh Reality will awaken us
Great Britain is murdering its badgers because of possible tuberculosis infection onto sickly overcultivated cows59Save the suffering Seas
The ever-increasing amount of buildings and roads causes undesired climatical changes in overpopulated countries60Revolutionize the World: STHOPD it
Besides Frozen Ark: Freeze Human Fertility!61Nature, Origin of Love
The consequence of human overpopulation is: Waist increase of heavy metals62Teach Africa how to use condoms properly
Too many SCUBA divers destroy coral reefs by using suntan oil that is agressive for marine life63Do not juggle with the Jungle
Human Population Growth causes: Melting of the Ice Caps and thus Rising of Sealevels64Save the Permafrost
Please consider the environment before using up much paper when printing from your PC65Warning from the Future
Human Overpopulation has changed the face of earth66Sting like a Stingray
Human Population Explosion causes: Much airplane traffic, thus more Noise Pollution67Truth Seeker, please save nature
Human Self gratification rules the modern world and destroys nature68Nourish Natural Resources
REHOPE: Regulate Ethically Human OverPopulation Ecology69Walk like a Wagtail
Human Overpopulation causes: Loss of tranquil silence around us70Run like a Cheetah
The consequence of human overpopulation is: Loss of spacial freedom around us71Chat like a Bat
Human Overpopulation severely restricts our Freedom in many ways72Cosmic Progressive Evolution of Reality
Human Overpopulation causes: Bird murdering because of threat of Avian Influenza H5N173The Secret of Life
Human Population Growth causes: Drastical climatic changes over the whole world through Greenhouse effect74Laugh like a Cuckabaroo
Human Egoism rules the modern world and destroys nature75Peacekeeper, please save nature
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Slogan Titles ©No.Typewriter texts ©
Human hyper-population growth is the raging monster devastating our planet's landscape76You can find the Truth in Life itself
Commercial Human OverPopulation will grow us to Death77Create an Ecologically Safe Future
Zaire is murdering its Bonobos and Gorillas as bushmeat in the Congo78Mend the melting Ice Caps
Illegal logging by mafia-like gangs is rapidly destroying the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra79Evolution of Intelligent Existence
Human Overpopulation causes: Soaring sea temperatures that destroy Coral reef ecosystems80Free Flora & Fauna
Europe is murdering its Bears81Give Power to Nature
Japan annually murders 23,000 dolphins for meat consumption by humans82Stop BioPiracy
Rapid human population increase causes loss of valuable Biodiversity83Promote Kyoto Protocol
Human Overpopulation causes: Property war over scarce land between Israel and Palestine84Art Against Animal Cruelty
Soaring food prices (mais, soya, wheat) because of larger human consumption and conversion to bio-fuel85Nature says: a friendly greet with hands and feet
Please Rescue Flora & Fauna from Mass Destruction86Jog like a Frog
Human Overpopulation causes: overcrowded city animalhomes with abandoned wretched pets87Flowering Nature's Future
Human Population Explosion leads to: More Commercial Hunting and Killing of Whales and Dolphins88Where can cats or dogs play freely outside?
Consequences of enormous human population increase are: Geographical and environmental stress89Send an eCard at
Human Population Growth causes: Irritation and stress among citizens90Escape Harsh Reality
Human Population Explosion: the worst environmental stressor91A CityPark is not the same as Nature
LOVENIC: Love Obtains Visionary Evolution, so Nature I Cherish92Dance like a Butterfly
Borneo and Sumatra are exterminating their last wild Orang Utangs93Love the Future, Fix the Future
Boat refugees flee, not only for war or poverty, but also for human overpopulation94Oceans are the Kidneys of our Living Planet
In honor of Timothy Treadwell: please support Grizzly People95Forever Free Forests
Human Overpopulation causes: The melting of the Siberian permafrost, thus the release of Methane gas96Oh Butterfly, why do you cry?
You are right, so stop human population explosion in order to save nature97Losing my religion ... finding the truth
Human Population Growth causes: Larger chance of Pandemic outbreak of dangerous Virus illnesses98Grab your Beamer and Save the World
Human Overpopulation causes: Desertification, thus dwindling Flora and Fauna99Together make a fist against animal cruelty
Human population explosion causes a holocaust among animal and plant species. 100Cry like a Wolf
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Slogan Titles ©No.Typewriter texts ©
The government of overcrowded Hong Kong prohibits the keeping of cats or dogs in apartments. Is this our future too?101The Truth is out there . . .
Use condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancy102Sing like a Nightingale
Human Overpopulation causes: Loss of personal privacy around you103Nature is dying worldwide
Human Overpopulation causes: Loss of pitch-black nights or real peaceful darkness around us104Stop dying out of many animal species
Where are the days that you could have a nice evening with 100 friends in stead of 1000 strangers105 
Human Overpopulation degrades the quality of living106 
The more people on earth, the less money and energy there is to share among each other107 
Massive anonymity makes people aggressive108 
Human Population Explosion causes: Global Warming and thus the Melting of the Ice Caps 109 
Artistic real-time multimedia presentation on stopping mass extinction of Flora and Fauna
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