Seeking collaboration with You or your Organisation concerning Internet slideshow about Please Save Nature
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Please Save Nature

Seeking collaboration with You

We are seeking collaboration with you or your organisation concerning Internet slideshow about "Please Save Nature".

Dear reader,

Please let me introduce our nature-protecting initiative:

Wise Art Cybernetics has built an Internet-slideshow about saving nature and protecting biodiversity. We realize that worldwide, nature is being swept away by the globally exploding human population growth. In the online slideshow, we display the contrast between the beauty of nature and the ugliness of human overpopulation.

We also look for ethical solutions against the runaway process regarding human population growth on earth, which seems to get out of control in the nearby future.

Our slideshow is presented in 5 language: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. The slides contain a random combination of slogans, art or photos or videos , sounds or music and multimedia effects. Every slide displays a slogan about nature eradication, human overpopulation or environmental pollution in any country. The second one-liner row displays hyperlinks to affiliated organisations.

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Choose your language for real time translation of this web page:
For worldwide communication, we use international English.



We would like to collaborate with you or your organisation for the good cause, namely saving natural lifeforms from extinction.



We provide the following hyperlinks (to promote your name or organisation) in the form of a one-liner within our website (which is optimized for search engines):

  1. A one-liner link to your website on the static Slideshow-Settings-page per language.
  2. The same link to your website in the second slogan row, placed randomly in time and repeated regularly (Our dynamic slideshow is based on presentation of random combinations).
  3. If you provide photos, videos or cartoons, you can stamp your signature (small) in one of the corners of your picture.
  1. In return, we would like you to place a hyperlink in your site, pointing to our site.
  2. Perhaps you can provide us with cartoons, photos, sounds or videos regarding the above mentioned subjects. For publishing criteria, please read:
    Request for Nature Photographs Sounds Videos.
  3. Maybe you can help us with sending catchy slogans or ethical solutions to us, regarding the above mentioned subjects.

Awaiting your response, I salute friendly,
RGES, biologist
The Netherlands
rges @ wisart .net (anti-spam notation)
WiseArt Cybernetics

WisArt Homepage

Facebook: Wisart Nature Slideshow

Google Plus: RGES Wisart

Visitor Country Flags

Where do concerned visitors of WisArt website originate from? Well, from all over the world: below, you can see the flags of their countries.
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This page has started with counting flags from 27 November 2015 onwards.
In some countries, many people visit the WisArt slideshow because of the texts and images about human overpopulation and environmental pollution (air, land and sea). Visitors are also worried about saving nature against eradication through cultivation of land. The more people on earth, the more nature has to make way for buildings, road construction, agriculture and industrialization. These visits are a sign that these persons are very concerned about the negative effects of human overpopulation on our planet and on biodiversity of flora and fauna. Apparently, these problems already prevail in some countries. Other countries will follow sooner or later ...
We invite you to find ethical solutions against the destructive effects of human overpopulation on nature. Please send your advice (possibly in the form of a slogan) to email address: feedback @ wisart .net (anti-spam notation).



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Politically independent, international artistic real-time multimedia presentation on stopping mass extinction of Flora and Fauna.

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Seeking Collaboration with You or your Organisation