Wanted: exceptional digital nature photos for Internet slideshow on Please Save Nature
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Looking for new multimedia

Wanted: exceptional digital nature photos for Internet slideshow about "Please Save Nature".
Hallo Visitor,
We have a special nature-website (in five languages) with the message "Please Save Nature" (see Wisart Homepage). The website includes a slideshow with random publication of art, photography, video's, sounds, text and hardcore slogans against destruction of natural life by human overpopulation. In the light of nature protection, I want to ask you if you are interested to share some of your photos (or videos, or nature sounds) to the large, international audience of concerned nature lovers. We are looking for media about 'pristine wilderness' and about 'human overpopulation disasters'. If your are interested, please read the criteria below.

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Criteria for photos, videos or sounds

The material submitted must meet the following conditions for publication in random slideshow.

I. The thematic content of submitted material

This slideshow displays the contrast between the beauty of pristine wilderness and the ugliness of human overpopulated cities.

A. Pristine Wilderness
  1. Show artistic images or outstanding issues on plants and / or animals (bird, insect, mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish, microorganisms etc.) in their natural habitat.
  2. Display only images of natural life situations, so: no signs of human civilization should be visible on screen.
  3. Possible examples of natural environment / ecosystems on land (forest, mountains, desert) in the ground, in the air or in water / marsh / sea; from microscopic to macroscopic perspective.
B. Human Overpopulation Disasters
  1. Show ugly pictures of Human Overpopulation: Overcrowded districts, Traffic jams, Long queues of people, Poverty or war caused by population pressure.
  2. Display truthful pictures of Environmental Pollution, Global warming, Desertification through human overpopulation etc..
  3. Present cynical cartoons about Human overpopulation / population explosion.

II. Copyright clause

  1. No visible watermark, text of advertisement in image or sound.
  2. If you display any copyright or own signature: use small font in one of the vertices.
  3. If you use a copyright denotation, please also submit a letter or email that you give WisArt permission to publish your images (free, royalty-free).

III. File information

  1. Your file name will also be displayed in the web browser, and this name should not be formulated too long.
  2. If desired, you can enter in the file name: Your name / initials, location of photo, date.
  3. Please possibly mention: English or Latin name of animal or plant.
  4. Provide separately a short description in English to explain what the photo or video is regarding nature / biology (survival, reproduction, etc.). You can, if necessary. process this data in the file name.
  5. Please provide digital photo size not larger than XGA size (= 1024 x 768 pixels).
  6. Digital photo formats: .jpg / jpeg, .png, .gif.
  7. Digital video format: .mp4.
  8. Digital audio format: .mp3.

IV. Criteria for videos

  1. Movie Length should be not longer than half a minute.
  2. No unnatural sounds (eg: traffic, voices, music etc.).

V. Criteria for individual audio clips for random slideshow

  1. Only natural sounds (pure quality) animals or natural phenomena (forest, marsh, stream, storm, sea etc.).
  2. Duration of sound should be not longer than half a minute.

Are you prepared to make some of your photos, videos or audio recordings available -free of charge- to WisArt, then I urge you to contact me please.

Awaiting your response, I salute friendly,
RGES, biologist
The Netherlands
rges AT wisart DOT net (anti-spam notation)
WiseArt Cybernetics

Also, see:

We are seeking collaboration with you or your organisation concerning Internet slideshow about "Please Save Nature".

WisArt Homepage.

Facebook: Wisart Nature Slideshow.

Google Plus: RGES Wisart.

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In some countries, many people visit the WisArt slideshow because of the texts and images about human overpopulation and environmental pollution (air, land and sea). Visitors are also worried about saving nature against eradication through cultivation of land. The more people on earth, the more nature has to make way for buildings, road construction, agriculture and industrialization. These visits are a sign that these persons are very concerned about the negative effects of human overpopulation on our planet and on biodiversity of flora and fauna. Apparently, these problems already prevail in some countries. Other countries will follow sooner or later ...
We invite you to find ethical solutions against the destructive effects of human overpopulation on nature. Please send your advice (possibly in the form of a slogan) to email address: feedback @ wisart .net (anti-spam notation).



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